Let No Man Put Asunder -

Divorce is not the end of my marriage

Let No Man Put Asunder:

Divorce Is Not the End of My Marriage

Mary Walmsley

Seeking a divorce is one thing. Being divorced against your will is another. If the latter were to befall you, how would you process bitterness, anger and despair? What would you do to restore your integrity? More than that, is it possible to turn such a situation to God’s glory?
Let No Man Put Asunder is Mary Walmsley’s solution to just such a dilemma. At the very time she felt her role as wife slipping away, God intervened to give her hope and restore her integrity. The turn-around began with the vow she made while driving her car and blossomed through the arts. By following the Lord’s lead every step of the way Walmsley was healed and established her ministry as Sower of the Word.

Here is a story of faith, obedience, love and joy that you won’t want to miss!

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